Testimonials and Reviews from Students, Parents, and Teachers

"Dave is awesome. He helped me get excited about the bass guitar. As a bass player, he's solid and funky, he knows his tunes, and he can quickly de-construct the theory of a song. He gave me exercises that actually strengthened my weak spots, but also totally made sure to understand my goals. He's very low-pressure, non-judgemental, and a very nice guy. The perfect teacher for me."

-Alex Entrekin

"My son Ivan was a reluctant bass player. I decided to switch instructors and signed him up with Dave. After a couple weeks of lessons I asked my son if he liked his new teacher. He said "yes, I like him a lot more, he's teaching me the music I want to play instead of the music he wants me to learn. Since Dave, I don't have to tell Ivan to practice he just does because he is enjoying what he is learning from Dave!"

-Karen Walsh

"Dave doesn't like to "name drop" but he has studied with and participated in Victor Wooten's Bass camp (more than once) and certainly has the chops and the credentials to teach you to become an impressive bassist. Victor is one of the most respected bassists of our time and Dave is not far behind. You will learn a TON of useful stuff from this guy. Do sign up today!"

-Chris Griffin
(Guitar Instructor and Founder of Spotlight Studios)

"Dave is a great instructor.  I took up bass after years of barely playing and wanted to learn things the 'right way'.  I explained to Dave that I have a couple of kids and could only commit to practicing about 1 hour a day, 5 days a week.  Dave is very patient and took this into account.  He introduced me to some classic basslines.  He showed me the basics of transcriptions.  He more than introduced me to the theory that I'd ignored (stupid of me!)  20 years ago.  Dave tailored his lessons to each student and I appreciated this.  He used a good combination of books, chord charts and general excercises to cover all aspects of playing.  He introduced me to the basics of slap and tapping.   

I think Dave would be an excellent teacher for any age or level.  His strength is his willingness to adapt to his students.  I had to leave work early and drive about 20 miles for my weekly lessons.  It was well worth it.  The friends that I jam with are all noticing that I am better after two years with Dave."

-Don Morley
(Everett, WA)

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