My Favorite Bass Strings

Here are some of the different varieties of bass strings that I highly recommend checking out.

Keep in mind that everyone's fingers are unique so it might take a few tries to find the string variety that best suits your individual needs and artistic taste.

Also, don't be quick to judge a string based on its price tag. You may find that a relatively inexpensive bass string suits your needs much better than an expensive one.

Good Luck!

-Dave Gagnon

DR Strings Sunbeam - Nickel Plated Round Core 5 String Bass 45-125

These tend to be the strings that I use most of the time. In general, I prefer Nickel Strings over Stainless Steel mostly because Nickel has a smoother feel and doesn't tear up my fingers as much.

I also like DR Sunbeams because they are built upon a round core, resulting in less string tension and more "give".

DR Strings Hi-Beam - Stainless Steel Round Core Medium 5 String 45-125

The Hi-Beams are similar to the Sunbeams but are wound with a Stainless Steel wrap wire.

I have found that for whatever reason these strings work really well on my Mike Lull Jazz Bass. The round core seems to boost the low end while the stainless steel produces plenty of highs.

DR Fat Beams (MM6-125)

If you are looking for that Marcus Miller sound, here it is! They seem to boost the low end while also providing an excellent foundation for that old school sounding funk and slap bass!

These strings have a round core as well.

DR BKB5-45 Black Beauty Coated Strings, Medium 5-String with 125

I have a lot of friends that use these strings and really like them. I've noticed that they are smoother on the fingers than other stainless steel strings because of the coating. They are also super bright sounding and last a long time.

Built on the same round core as Sunbeams, Hi-Beams, and Fat Beams.

D'Addario Bass Strings Set Xl, 45-100, Long

To me, these string gauges tend to be more balanced for my particular playing style on a four string bass.

D'Addario Bass Strings Set Xl, 40-95, Super Long

Here are some light gauge strings that are very similar to the one's that Victor Wooten uses.

Also, be sure to check the scale length when buying D'addario strings. "Long scale" is the standard 4 string bass which measures 34".

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