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Private Bass Lessons!"

Convenient Seattle area location:

  • Kirkland
Bass Lessons at Reasonable Rates with Flexible Scheduling:
  • $40 per half-hour lesson
  • Weekly, Monthly, Bi-Monthly, and Drop-In Lessons are available

"Whether you are just beginning to play the bass or are a seasoned pro, taking lessons with a skilled instructor can be a great way to accelerate your learning process!"


"Dave doesn't like to name drop but he has studied with and participated in Victor Wooten's bass camp (more than once) and certainly has the chops and the credentials to teach you to become an impressive bassist. Victor is one of the most respected bassists of our time and Dave is not far behind. You will learn a TON of useful stuff from this guy. Do sign up today!"

-Chris Griffin (Guitar Instructor and Founder of Spotlight Studios)

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  • One half-hour lesson per week.
  • $40 per lesson.
  • $160 per month.
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$40 Off First Month
Four Lessons: $120

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