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Here are some of my favorite instructional and inspirational bass guitar books.

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Bass Techniques

The Best of Victor Wooten: Transcription Book

Most, if not all, of Victor Wooten's famous slapping, tapping, and soloing techniques are written out in this book for you to learn. Includes transcriptions of Amazing Grace, Norwegian Wood, Sinister Minister, and more...

Music Theory

Harmony and Theory

A comprehensive music theory guide written by the Musicians Institute! This book is basically a college level music theory class. Learn how to notate music in treble and bass clef while writing out key signatures, scales, chords, etc...

Metaphors for the Musician

I bought my copy of "Metaphors for the Musician" directly from Author, Randy Halberstadt. He is an amazing teacher and his book is well organized and user-friendly. A lot of the exercises in here are written out for the piano but musicians of all instruments will benefit from the information and insight in this book.


Creating Jazz Bass Lines

This is my personal favorite walking basslines book! It is a very simple guide designed to get you improvising and playing authentic jazz lines from the start. It truly helped me get over the walking bassline hump.

The Real Book: Bass Clef

A must have for all jazz musicians. Includes lead sheets for hundreds of popular jazz standards. An absolute essential for students as well as gigging musicians.


101 Bass Tips: Stuff All the Pros Know and Use

This is a fun book! "How to" information ranges from bass-setup to playing over chord-changes. There is a lot of cool stuff in here.

Funk/Fusion Bass (Bass Builders Series)

This book starts with the basics and ends with some very complicated material. It may be challenging but I have seen excellent results from students who have worked through this.

Ray Brown's Bass Method

Written primarily for upright players but may be useful for electric players as well. Ray Brown was a living legend.

Standing in the Shadows of Motown

In this book you will learn about the music and life of legendary Motown Bassist, James Jamerson. This bass guitar book also includes the transcribed basslines to 49 songs that Jamerson played on. An audio CD includes modern day bass legends playing the same transcribed basslines.


Effortless Mastery: Liberating the Master Musician Within

Many of our heros make playing music look so easy. This book addresses common tendencies that may hold us back as musicians and offers helpful solutions as well.

The Music Lesson:
A Spiritual Search for Growth Through Music

Victor Wooten shares his secrets to success in the context of this fictional novel. If you are someone who likes to think outside of the box then this is the book for you. It is a great read for musicians and non-musicians alike.

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